Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yesterday's Testimony

Decorated seashell from Gene's collection

During my door-to-door outreach yesterday I met this beautiful couple, Gene and Carolyn Price. Gene collects a variety of things in nature and displays them in his apartment. Gene is also a singer and songwriter. He is interested in sharing his talent with Everyone. He can be reached at (718)778-3890.

This couple was my very first contact of the day. We connected instantly. While Carolyn  searched The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, Gene shared his life's journey with me of how The Lord has blessed him and his family. "No one can curse what The Lord has blessed" he said, which prompted me to share the story of Balaam who was called to pronounce a curse over the children of Israel. But instead he uttered words of blessing over God's people, which infuriated Balak, the king of Moab (Numbers 23).

Once again, The Lord preceded me and paved the way. Instead of a slamming door, this family invited me in and shared the many blessings of God.

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