Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Loves Whom?

Don’t ever boast of how much you love Jesus

Boast of how much Jesus loves you.

Our love is fickle.

It runs hot and cold.

But God’s love for us never changes.

It is always there.

John the apostle referred to himself as-

"The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

That was not arrogant.

John was saying that he knew Jesus loved him.

And you need to know that Jesus loves you

Even if you have fallen away from Him.

Maybe you have messed up.

Maybe you are in a backslidden state.

The way to get right with God is to return to Him.

God says in Jeremiah 3:22

“Return, you backsliding children

And I will heal your backsliding.”

So, remember where you were.

Return and repent of your sin.

And then start living as God wants you to live.

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