Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Evangelize Using Testimonies

Think back to before you were born again
The struggles within
The loneliness
The lack of peace
The absence of love
The unrest
The fears

Talk about the decision that revolutionized your life and  the change
The difference it has made since you received Christ
Speak of Christ, not the church
Emphasize faith, not feeling
Be human and honest as you talk

You want your testimony to produce results, so:

Ask God to open your lips and honor your words
Be warm and genuine.
Let your enthusiasm flow freely
Be positive and courteous
Let your smile breaks down the barriers
Talk of the sheer joy and excitement of knowing Christ
Talk about how exciting Christ really is in an interesting way
Absolutely refuse to argue

Now, If you are not sharing the gospel with lost people (which means to open your mouth and speak about Jesus Christ and the way to eternal life), it is for one of two reasons. Either you are so young and immature in your faith that you did not know that God has commanded you, through His Word, to go and tell the world about Jesus Christ. Or, your fear of man and your love of self are greater than your fear of God, your love for God, and your love for people.

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