Friday, April 5, 2013

What Mercy Is... Vs. What Mercy Is Not...

What Mercy Is...

Mercy is pity plus action
Mercy is a virtue
Mercy is something we do
Mercy is to help a person in need
Mercy is to rescue the miserable
Mercy is a desire to relieve the suffering
Mercy is to be spiritual

We will be merciful when we recognize how much mercy Christ extended to us by his death on the cross.

What Mercy Is Not...

Mercy is not something we feel
Mercy is not a weakness
Mercy is not a disease of the soul
Mercy is not "I feel your pain"
Mercy is not critical
Mercy is not quick to condemn

We will not be merciful when we refuse to see ourselves as we really are and fail to recognize how much mercy Christ extended to us by dying on the cross.


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