Children's Book Series

What Others Have Said

“This book will capture a young child’s attention while introducing them to simple academic concepts and Christian values. Definitely a great addition to any kid’s recreational activities and also good for teachers working with children in a non-secular setting.”

—Amazon customer

“This book is great for beginning readers. The repetition of simple words helps to build confidence in their reading ability. And it builds on their belief. It’s a simple story with a powerful message. The coloring book by the same title allows children to personalize the story to fit their own world. A great bedtime story!”

Ruby, Amazon customer

For The Family

Memory Prayers – eBook

Memory Prayers help sharpen your memory through Prayers from the Bible.

Your Garden Of Eden – eBook

This incredible at-home gardening blueprint will show you exactly what to do to make your own thriving garden.

Inside, you’ll discover the simple steps to ensure your garden produces healthy produce and much more…

Armor of God Meal Plans

When researching the Bible, I came across hundreds of examples of how people ate during Biblical times…

I documented it all and gave it to a local nutritionist chef who created, what I call, Armor of God Meal Plans.

Armor of God Meal Plans is exactly what they sound like, meal plans that are not only inexpensive and easy to prepare but are very delicious…

And so nourishing for your body… it’s like putting on armor that protects your cells from disease, premature aging, and injury.

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