Thursday, May 19, 2022

Part 2 - 3 Overlooked Facts in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity


2) Team up the right people (home and school).

Who Should Care?

Childhood obesity should be every caretaker's concern. 

Wise decisions need to be made regarding children's diet in order to remediate the issue. Schools, in their effort to solve this problem, have only worsened it. 

Many families, as well, are concerned about the quality of the foods they provide for their children. Apart from each other, home and school have not been able to resolve the issue of childhood weight gain.

However, a collaboration between the two may help children make wise food choices. The partnership will also eliminate every opportunity for conflicting choices if healthy choices are consistently provided at school and at home. 


Question: What types of weight issues have you or your loved ones faced? Share your comment below.


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