Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Questions To See If You Are a Lukewarm Christian

1 - Do Cares & Worries of This Life Dominate Most of Your Thoughts & Conversations?
2 - Do You Practice Sin on a Regular Basis?
3 - Do You “Love” The Things of This World More Than God’s Word?
4 - Are You Too Busy for Jesus? What are Your Priorities?
5 - Do You Use God’s Name In Vain? (‘Oh My G-d?’)
6 - Do You Fail to Pray Earnestly & Pray for the Lost Who Will Spend Eternity in Hell?
7 - Do You Fail to Preach the Gospel on a Regular Basis? OR Do You Hinder Others?
8 - Are You Indifferent About Your Sin? What is Your Attitude?
9 - Do You Seek After Worldly Wealth & Fame vs Seeking First The Kingdom of God?
10-Do You Fail to Obey Jesus, and God’s Word Consistently?

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